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If you like tropical beaches, sailing, swimming in coral gardens and beach picnics then this is a great day. You leave Pumzika after breakfast and drive to the beach where you meet Juma the Sailor in his enormous dug-out canoe with outriggers and a lateen sail. You spend a couple of hours cruising along the reef trolling for fish and after a swim-stop in a coral garden you arrive at your private picnic site where you can barbecue fish, kebabs or tuck into great bowls of salad. You get back to Pumzika in time for a sundowner on the balcony.

The tour price includes:

  • The use of the Landrover and driver all day.
  • Hire of the boat and crew.
  • Supply of primitive fishing gear.
  • Bottle of Fizz in the boat to celebrate the first catch.
  • Picnic lunch. Typically fish, prawns, meat kebabs & salad. Please indicate food preferences.
  • Wine beers and soft drinks.

Fixed Cost Price : US $
Per Adult Price : US $
Per Child from 3 yrs to 17 yrs Price : US $